Family – I love my family. I enjoy the time with Becky and the kids. Each one adds so much to the make up of our family. We laugh, tease, play together (love the competition), cry, encourage, and most of all love each other. There are times you never know what one will say or do. Life with my family is certainly not boring.
The Christmas break has made it possible for me to spend time with the four most important people in my life – Becky, Katie, Andy, Matt my family. I love them dearly.


Charlie Brown Christmas

Charles Schulz creator of Charlie Brown, Peanuts, and the gang was so clever how he would incorporate important life lessons into his cartoons and programs.  The greatest example of this is Linus quoting Luke 2 – “The Meaning of Christmas.”  Every year since 1965 millions of people – young and old – have been watching and listening as Linus quotes Luke 2.

We live in a world that believes everything must be politically correct.  How’s that working out for us?  As Christ followers the challenge before us is to continue to share the meaning of Christmas and celebrate the birth of the One who changed the world, as creatively as we can.

Charles Schulz did it, others have as well, let’s join them.