Preparing for What’s Ahead

It’s coming! Are you prepared for what is coming? Time is ticking away, you’d better be ready. As the hours pass by the snowstorm moves closer to Lawrence. This evening my wife and I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few items before heading home. There were long lines, people stocking up preparing for the storm. No one was in a panic mode, but people were focused. Buy the groceries and get home safely.

It’s amazing how people prepare for something that brings a change to their daily routines. Something as simple as a winter storm can be motivation to be prepared.
I wonder what it will take for humanity to begin seriously preparing themselves for the return of Christ. He is coming. No one knows when His return will occur, but He is coming. Are you ready? Until he returns the body of Christ has work to do. Get out there and share the Good News so that others will be prepared and ready for His return.

“Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” Ephesians 5:14



STOP – how do you respond when you hear that word?  It isn’t a word that often encourages one to move forward.  Although, when used at the appropriate time it’s not a bad thing.

Sunday’s message is “STOP SINNING.”  Our focus will be on the struggle that the Apostle Paul had with sin and the control it had on his life.  Romans 7:14-25

I hope you are making plans to be at church on Sunday.  I look forward to worshipping with you.

Serving Our Seniors

Today the men of the church staff are serving the meal at the Senior Adult Luncheon. This has become an annual occurrence for us. Something that we look forward to doing each year. I think the Seniors enjoy this experience as well. We don’t venture out and try any new delicacies, soups and salads are always on the menu.
I appreciate our Senior Adults. These men and women add so much to the life of First Southern, not to mention the investments that they have made over the years.
They are a fun group to be around. I have learned so much from
these wise men and women. Their wisdom and insight is extremely valuable.
I hope as I enter my senior years (still a ways off!) I will have the energy that so many of them have and enjoy life as they do.

The Weather Outside is Frightful…or Not!

The Weather Outside is Frightening ... or Not!

Well the first snowfall of 2011 hit dumping about 5.5 inches of snow.  It looks beautiful.  I’m sure a lot of kids woke up this morning and were excited to hear that there was no school and lots of snow.  The hills around Lawrence were filled with kids and adults sledding.  Lots of fun!

I came home from the office and my son Matt had already shoveled the driveway.  A little later a friend came along with his snow blower and cleaned off the fresh, new snow.  Thanks to Matt & Mark.

I don’t think the weather outside is frightful.  I would have to say the first snow has brought a lot of fun and great feelings.

Update: School is cancelled for another day!  Cheers are going up!!