Are You Ready For An Exciting Year?

It is my belief that 2011 has the makings of an exciting year at First Southern. We kicked off the new year with our theme “TRANSFORMATION.” There have been numerous people who have shared with me how they’ve really connected with this theme. God is bringing about a transformation within their life. One person shared that they’ve been challenged with the recent messages related to transforming your life. Another individual took the message of simplifying their life to heart. They are making some changes. It is these type of reports and other observations that encourage me and excite me as well.

Sunday was another great day as we worshipped, studied the Word, and enjoyed warm fellowship. We celebrated the public decision of a child coming to faith and her sharing the desire to follow the Lord in baptism.

Sunday’s message pertained to “What I See For 2011.” I had the opportunity to share what I believe for this new year and what it is going to take to be the church God wants us to be.

It is my belief that we are like the Israelites standing at the edge of the water. We have to decide whether we will stay where it is safe, go back to the things that we know from our past, or step out in faith trusting God to lead us and provide for us.

As Pastor I believe we are to step out in faith and that is how I am going to lead the body at First Southern.

The following is WHAT I BELIEVE FOR 2011
1. I am to lead, to be a biblical leader.
2. I am to equip and prepare the body of Christ at FS for the work that you have been called to do. Ephesians 4:12
3. Every seat we have in our worship center should be filled with a living, breathing body.
4. This is to be a campus, not a building with other buildings to follow.
5. We need to create environments – the repair shop, a gym, a hospital, a training center, and a deployment center.
6. This should be a place where people want to come to, and they are motivated by what they experience to go out and share it with others.
7. We are to involve ourselves in things that advance our mission of reaching and discipling people.
8. If you aren’t willing to participate, then you shouldn’t be given a voice or any authority in how the mission will be carried out.
9. We need to expand our reach.
10. God gave us creative minds and we need to use them. We need to be more creative and innovative.
11. We need to start new Bible Studies and Small Groups.
12. Our grass lot needs to be developed for recreational use.
13. We should NEVER accept the status quo.
14. EVERYTHING we do is to be done with EXCELLENCE.

1. Every person – children to seniors – inviting and bringing people.
2. Each of us getting to know our neighbors and community by inviting them to non-threatening environments.
3. More people serving and leading.
4. Creating environments where people can come to be repaired, healed, trained, sent out, supported,grow, and be stretched.
5. A greater use of technology.
6. A willingness to spend money as needed not allowing money to always be the deciding factor. If God is leading us, we need to step out and trust Him to provide.
7. Build
8. Me – stepping back and allowing others to lead
9. Me – studying more

We are on the brink of an exciting year. I hope that you are ready. I hope that you are ready to step out like the Israelites – trusting God all the way!


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