Warrior Princess

Brandy Miller posted a picture on Facebook of her daughter Corah recovering from her most recent surgery. She labeled the picture “Warrior Princess.” That really describes little Corah. She is only a few months old and already has gone thru two major surgeries. Everyone – those within the medical profession, family, friends – everyone has expressed their amazement of this little warrior princess. Found within this petite, little girl truly is a warrior who has faced two battles and each time came out the victor.
Though Corah’s heart may look different and even function in a different manner than mine, I’ve seen what the heart of a warrior
looks like.
A five-month old child teaching this fifty-one year old, as well as, numerous others valuable lessons about life and overcoming the challenges that come your way. Thank you Corah.
Thank you Lord for the blessing of children and the lessons you teach us through each of them.


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