Time to Celebrate!

Today is my son Andy’s 25th birthday! Wow, twenty-five years ago God blessed my wife and I with another bundle of blessing. When Andy came into this world I already had a little girl, with his arrival I now had a little boy. It was an amazing time for our family. Over the twenty-five years we have seen our little boy grow into a strong and committed young man, whom we are extremely proud of. He has stayed true to his convictions, displaying an uncompromising faith. My three kids have made me proud many, many times. On this day, I say to Andy – I am proud to call you my son. Even though you are only twenty-five, I have been awed by what you have done and continue to do. As a dad I have a responsibility to teach my children lessons related to all aspects of life. Andy, thanks for making it so easy to be your dad and thank you for the lessons you have taught me. Happy birthday to our music loving, Jayhawk fan of a son. Happy birthday buddy.
When asked, “What do you enjoy doing?” One response I always give is, being with my family. If you’ve been around me much at all you know that I enjoy talking about my kids. I am a proud and grateful dad.


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