Continue the Celebration!

For one week during the month of February we have three birthdays within our household – Andy 7th, Becky 14th, and Katie 15th. Today is Katie’s day. Our oldest and only daughter celebrates her birthday today! I remember her birth as though it were yesterday. Becky was in labor for over nineteen hours and finally came the arrival of our daughter. My description of Katie as a baby was “pleasingly plump.” She was a big baby! Today she is a petite and beautiful young lady. There is much that runs through my mind as I think of my daughter – a strong, independent individual who takes on whatever comes before her with determination. Although she may be petite in size, her voice and abilities are large. There is not much that can stop Katie.
As I reflect on Katie’s life God has blessed her with the ability to lead. She has been a leader in many of the relationships that she has been a part of, on the cheer squads that she was on in high school & college, and within the work environment. I am a proud dad of all that Katie has accomplished and continue to be proud of my daughter.
I am amazed at what God has packaged in this little bundle of energy that is my daughter.
KT, may you use your gifts and abilities in ways that will honor your Father in heaven. Twenty seven years ago I gave thanks for my little girl. Today, like all those days that followed your birth, I continue to give thanks for my little girl. I look forward to what God has in store for your life. Happy birthday toot!


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