Priorities and Taxes

Tonight I was involved in gathering all the receipts, year-end reports, and paper work for my tax preparer. This is something that I love doing. I wish you could hear my sarcasm! This is one thing that I don’t enjoy doing, but I know it’s something that has to be taken care of. As I pushed through the never-ending pile of receipts and stacks of papers, it caused me to reflect on my priorities in 2010. Granted my wife and I share everything, but each of us still have a responsibility for our own individual life. So I ask myself the following questions; Where did I spend my time? How did I spend my money? What kind of investments (I’m not speaking of the financial type) did I make? What was I focused on during the year? Did my faith influence me in my decision making? Did I allowed the Spirit to guide me? Where did I place my trust?
Tax preparation may not rank as my most favorite thing to do, but tonight was an interesting time of reflection that challenged me. I’ve got some work to do.
Is there any work that you need to do? Any changes?


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