Bracket Busted!

My NCAA bracket is officially busted. I started strong, but after day 2 my bracket had more “X’s” through my picks. It was a disaster. The upsets destroyed any hope of a “perfect” bracket.
As much as I was hoping for a bracket with every pick being correct, I knew the chance of that happening were next to impossible. Part of the excitement surrounding the tournament are the upsets. The little guys coming in and beating the big guys or at least making the big guys work for their win. Now I don’t want Richmond to give KU any problems! I love the three weeks at the end of the college basketball season. It is so much fun.
Something that I’ve noticed more this year than any other year – the emotions. Every year I’ve observed along with everyone else, players becoming overwhelmed with emotion. The winners and the losers. This year I watched a coach who had poured everything he had into coaching his team, eventually they lost. At his news conference he was overcome by his emotions. At the conclusion of one game a young girl broke down in tears as her dad’s team lost. For those of us on the outside looking in we might be thinking “This is crazy it’s only a game.” That would be a true statement, but I think there are some valuable lessons that we can learn from the game itself and everything else surrounding it.
For me, I believe this is an example of dedication and commitment to something you believe in. Something that you are willing work hard for, investing all of your time and energy into it. It is a game, but look what happens when people come together not for themselves, but for others – for the team. How would the church be if everyone that makes up the body of Christ came together as one? Where personal agendas were set aside, wants and preferences were no longer important. Instead asking ourselves, “What is best for the body? What can we do together to see that the body is growing – numerically and spiritually?”
I wonder if we might not see some of the same emotions pouring out of us, as we members of the body began making some of the same investments and commitments. I believe we would see tears of joy and tears of sadness.
FYI – I still have KU, Duke, & Ohio State reaching the Final Four and of course KU winning it all!


One thought on “Bracket Busted!

  1. That’s a great point, Joe. What if we invested everything into the purpose of Christ and His church like we see athletes give everything they have for a simple game? An athlete lays it all on the line, setting aside self. What do we lay on the line? What do we risk so that others might hear about Jesus?

    Perhaps, it’s tournament time for the Christ’s church. Time for us to get serious and get down to the business of the gospel. We do all our warm up drill every week, but have we convinced ourselves that the warm up drills are the actually game? What would it look like if we finished our warm up drills on Sundays and Wednesdays and then went out into the world with our game face on?

    Great article, Joe

    Game-on, church!

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