23 on 23

My youngest turns 23 on this day the 23rd of March. We are celebrating Matt’s birthday today. My memory of things that happened sometime ago is not the best. There are a few things that I don’t have any problem remembering like the evening that I became a Christ follower, my wedding date (good thing to remember!), and the birth of all three kids.
I can remember these experiences without any problems. The first two weeks of Matt’s life was a time that I will never forget. He had a few health issues during those first two weeks. Whether it was his health at the beginning, stitches in his head as a young child, or a broken arm playing high school football nothing slowed him down. One thing about Matt, he’s been a tough kid from the start and that is still true even to this day.
Matt will not give up. He has a little bulldog in him. Some might say, he is stubborn or strong-willed, but I will call him tenacious. Matt from the beginning has been a tenacious individual. He won’t allow something or someone to stand in the way of what he believes he can do. As his dad I’m proud of him for his tenacity. I admire this quality that I’ve seen over and over in a young man who turns 23 on the 23rd.
Happy birthday Matt! Keep that tenacious spirit.


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