Two Days

It has been a little over a week since we celebrated Easter.  The celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.  When you look back on everything that took place leading up to His crucifixion there was so much hatred directed at Jesus.  Even as He hung on the cross hatred filled the air.  Hatred slung from the angry mob, the soldiers, and even one of the criminals that was also being crucified. So many hearts filled with so much hatred.

Yet, in spite of all the hatred there was love.  Love from family and followers as they watched Jesus hang on the cross.  Love towards a man calling out from a cross that Jesus remember him.  Love from a Savior towards a world that hated Him.  Love from God towards a broken, hurting, inhumane world.

Three days ago Osama Bin Laden was killed.  He has been described and labeled as “Public Enemy #1.”  This man brought so much pain.  The architect behind the cruel and evil acts of 9/11.  Evil filled his life.  He encouraged this hatred upon others. Many would say our world is a better place now that he is dead.  That is an interesting thought to wrestle with.  I wonder if our world is any different.

As I reflect on these two events and the main characters, there are many thoughts that run through my mind.  Jesus went to a cross for me.  He went through the painful, cruel experience of the cross for me and all of humanity.  I can’t fully understand this.  I can’t fully grasp how one could love someone so much that He would willingly give His life for another.  Why would you do this?  Love and sacrifice – I don’t believe I really understand what these words really mean.  I love other people.  I’ve made sacrifices.  But, never to the level of what Christ did.

Jesus died for me … and for Osama Bin Laden.  This is not what many would want to hear.  Jesus died for all.  The “all” is what we struggle with.  How could Jesus die for someone who was so evil?  He doesn’t deserve Christ’s love and sacrifice.  Do any of us?  The Gift is offered to all, whether we believe it should be or not.  The Gift is offered to all, but not all will accept.

Hatred, pain,and evil still exist and will continue to.  We – humanity – have done a great job of destroying what God once described as very good.  All the more reason that those of us who have received the Gift need to be sharing it with a world in need of a Savior.


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