A Summer Like No Other

It has been a while since my last blog.  There has been a lot that has happened over the past two months.

The summer of 2011 will go down in my memory bank as one that I will never forget.  It will stand out as the summer of all summers.  Even though the temperatures would still indicate it is still summer, the break is over.  School has started, vacations are over, the college students are back (check out the lines in the stores and traffic on the streets), summer break is history.

As I reflect back on this summer here is a quick summary of what the Stiles family experienced.

*Two weddings (Katie and Matt both were married, within five weeks of each other, both occasions were beautiful)  *In between the two weddings my mom shattered her NEW knee and had to have a NEW knee inserted  *Two weeks of vacation (not really vacation getting the weddings all finalized was the focus)  *Three weeks of summer camp  *Packing boxes & moving kids (and this is still going on)  *Our two car garage becoming a large storage unit for 7 young adults  *Our dining room resembled a wedding supply store and a warehouse for bridal shower gifts  *The garage wasn’t large enough for everything so two rooms in the basement became storage units  *Two TIRED parents who loved sharing all of this with their kids and are extremely grateful to have all of them nearby

My wife and I feel blessed to have experienced this summer with our kids, seeing our family grow (welcome Clay and Emily), a little less in the bank account, but that’s okay.  I think about my family of five becoming a family of seven there is much that runs through my mind, too much to write.  Let me simply say, I am proud of my family and grateful to God for sharing these people with me.

What a summer!  One that I know we will never forget and are grateful to have experienced.  We now have the nine months to catch our breath!:)  Who knows what the summer of 2012 will bring.  Oh yeah, we will celebrate 30 years of marriage!  I can’t wait.


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