As many of you know making wedding plans and the actual events were a part of our busy summer.  My wife had been saying for almost a year that she would like to have a professional photographer take pictures of our three kids before the weddings.  Before each of their senior years in high school we had this done.  Our family make-up was on the verge of changing.  One last portrait would capture our kids as young adults. That all sounded great.

Well, as many of you know life gets rather busy as you plan for a wedding, in our case, two weddings. There are things to purchase, deposits to be made, and things begin to add up.  The calendar becomes consumed with showers, meetings, dress shopping, reservations to be made, deadlines to meet, and after a while the great idea is no longer on the list.  It is not even in the memory bank, at least not in our memory bank.

Little did my wife and I know, one of our kids had remembered.  He talked with his siblings about an idea. The idea became a plan, and the plan became a reality.  Get together with a professional photographer and have the pictures taken.  Mom and dad had no idea that they were doing this.  This happened three months ago.

Three weeks ago our three kids surprised us with pictures.  This was something that they did for us that we will never forget.  The pictures are fabulous!  I am not biased (hear the sarcasm), but they are beautiful kids – inside and out!

Surprises, most of the time I like them.  This is certainly one of those times.  Thanks K, A, & M.

You know, God often surprises us.  I have often prayed that He surprise me.  Every day that God blesses me with is filled with the constants – His presence & His provisions.  There are also those surprises, those things that I never expected.  I like the constants and I certainly like the surprises.

Father, thank You for those things that I know will always be there and thank you for the surprises!  As each new day rolls out help me to be ready for whatever it is that You have for me.  I can’t wait!


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