A Thought from Dr. Seuss

The bookshelves in my office are filled with a wide variety of books, topics ranging from leadership to game planning.  I have found great insight in many of these books.  They are valuable resources that I draw from.  A wealth of  information fill those shelves. Most of my library consist of books that I’ve purchased.  Some have been given to me as a gift.  This is an accumulation of books that has been growing for over twenty-five years.  In all of my books I think I might have one book that is written for children.  It’s not that I have avoided the children sections in the bookstores.  I haven’t really seen a need to check out what this section has to offer.  I mean, how is a child’s book going to benefit someone of my age.

Recently, I was reading a blog of someone who I follow and was reminded of the insight that one can gain from children’s literature. The great children’s writer Dr. Seuss made the statement, “Think and wonder, wonder and think.”  Upon reading that statement I began to think and wonder.  The author of children’s books challenged me to imagine.  So I accepted the challenge and here are a few of the things that came to my mind.

I wonder how different our world would be if we lived out the first and greatest commandment.  I wonder what our world would be like if we loved our neighbors as we are commanded.  I wonder if the world would be a happier place if we laughed more often than we do.  I wonder if there would be less heart attacks if adults would stomp in mud puddles instead of stressing out over everything.  I wonder if people shouldn’t eat ice cream, or chocolate every day.  Just wondering!  I wonder what might happen if our leaders would seek first God’s kingdom.  I wonder if families would be any different if they ate meals together and talked about their day.

Just a few things I wonder about.

I think life would be different, relationships would be stronger, and the world would be a happier place.  I think there would be less hate and more love.  I think people would be healthier (even eating ice cream and chocolate).  I think God would be pleased with what He sees.  I think our churches would be filled with people from all walks worshipping, serving, and sharing.  I think there would be a greater working together in our world.  I think God presence would be much more evident.  I think there would be a whole lot of laughter!

Just a few things that I think might take place.

There are many books that I have in my library that I treasure.   I think I need to add some children’s books, not for the kids to read, but for me to read.  I might come to treasure these books as well. Dr. Seuss and others have some valuable lessons for all of us to learn.  Oh, to be a child again….

Think and wonder, wonder and think – take a moment –  what comes to your mind?


One thought on “A Thought from Dr. Seuss

  1. Eugene Peterson said that he believes every pastor should be taught in seminary how to read a book. From this post, it sounds like you might agree with that statement. I’ll look for the children’s books you add to your “books and more” page.

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