That one word can create a lot of thoughts to run through a person’s mind – a new day, new relationship, new opportunities, new year, new home, and on and on one could go. I mean the thoughts, ideas, and images of new are endless.  This is the time of year that “new” seems to be more of the discussion, on the minds of many people.  It’s a brand new year.

So, how does the turning of the calendar from December 31st to January 1st really change anything?  I mean, does the clock turning from 11:59 to midnight really change everything?  Millions of people hoop and holler as the new year enters, but it’s just another day.  Isn’t it?

Yes, it is another day, but on January 1st there is something different.  Many look at the new day and new year as a ray of hope.  Their life maybe filled with challenges and disappointments, but there is hope.  All of the previous days may have been filled with struggles, but hope helps to persevere. Hope that things will get better.  Hope that a new day will bring prosperity and a different outlook on life.  “Whatever comes my way I’m ready, because this is a new day!”

As I think of 2012 there are those things that I am certain of – God’s love, His commitment to me, the unchanging Word of God, and the fact that there will be things that will occur that I had no idea.

Whatever 2012 holds each day that God blesses me with will be a new day.  I choose to follow His Word by pressing on, seeking Him first, and allowing Him to do a new thing in my life.  I look forward to what God has in store for my life and yours as this new year continues to roll out before us.

Enjoy and experience this NEW year!

“For I am about to do something new.  See, I have already begun!  Do you not see it?  I will make a pathway through the wilderness.  I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”  Isaiah 43:19 NLT




One thought on “NEW

  1. I Love New! I’m looking forward to a new year. Based on the great things God did last year, I can’t help but be hopeful for even greater stuff in 2012!

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