The Challenge

Our Worship Pastor periodically will drop an encouraging comment to write something on my blog.  He loves to write and share his thoughts and does it well.  Me on the other hand, I have the thoughts in my mind, but getting them to my blog site or even on paper – well let’s just say I am slightly challenged!

I have this great thought or idea and think to myself, “I need to share this.”  Then something comes along and my focus is shifted and the thought goes by the wayside.  Even now as I type my thoughts there are things running through my mind.  You know, the “to do” list, the Bible Study to plan, phone calls to make, emails to respond too.

It all comes down to priorities, time management, time wasters, and tackling those things that maybe a challenge but are beneficial.

I recently came across an article in Leadership Journal entitled “Know Thy Time” written by Peter Drucker.  Druker is a consultant in business management.  He shares some valuable insights regarding effective use of your time.

To determine whether something is a productive or nonproductive activity Mr. Druker poses a number of questions that one must ask.  The first question that he suggests we ask, “What would happen if this were not done at all?”

Now I know I could use that question as a defense to say, “I don’t need to write a blog.  It won’t be missed.”  But that would be an extremely weak defense.  Whether this blog is read by a few or by many is not a strong reason as to whether I write it or not.  There are benefits that I do find in writing a blog (though it may be occasional!), I am able to express my thoughts.  At times it is fun.  It helps me to process what’s happening in my life.

There are many roles that I have in life – husband, dad, son, friend, pastor, … – one role I hope that people also see in me – encourager.  Maybe the words or thoughts I share encourage someone.  I hope they do.  If they encourage many, a few, or only one person, that’s all right.

One thing I will ask of you – encourage me to write more on the blog or on twitter.  I won’t be overloading the blog site with a boat load of thoughts, but you never know.

Have a great day!



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