A Proud Jayhawk

The day after isn’t what many of us had hoped for, but it has arrived and we move on.  The reality of not winning the National Championship cannot be avoided.  We didn’t win, yet there is so much too be proud of.  A season filled with highs and lows, loud cheering and wondering “what if.”  

I like thousands of other proud Jayhawks wanted our team to bring home the title.  I like so many others, will have numerous memories of this past season.  One memory that will be etched in my mind for a long time was something that occurred after the final buzzer.  I watched our team display enormous class as they went to their opponent and congratulated them.  That is something that Jayhawk supporters all over the country can be proud of.  A group of young men who had just lost the biggest game of their life, overcome by the emotions, yet extending congratulations.  

Friends, we need to see more of this in all aspects of life.  We don’t need more hatred and anger on display.  We need people working together, sharing together, playing together, encouraging each other, and even congratulating each other.  Our world will be a much better place if more of these things were occurring. 

Until next season … Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


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