The Lazy Days of Summer

Though summer does not officially begin until June 20, as we all know Memorial Day weekend is considered the unofficial start of summer.  Our minds shift to thoughts of vacations, baseball, working in the garden, relaxing evenings, cookouts, swimming, camps, and a break from the regular routine.  It is certainly nice to take a break.  We can use these times to be refreshed.  But I wonder if that is what really takes place.

We often look at the summer months as a time to slow down, but I’m not sure that occurs for most people.  In many instances and among many families the make-up of the schedule may change, but it certainly doesn’t slowdown.  What quite often occurs – schedules are busier, calendars are packed with more. Families are divided, everyone going in different directions.

I would like to offer an encouraging word to all parents.  As a family, be in church every week.  Teach your children the value and importance of corporate worship and the study of God’s Word.  Don’t allow the activities of summer to replace either of these experiences.  Even when the lake is calling your name, make worship and God’s Word a priority!

I would encourage every person to make the summer of 2012 the time that you take your own personal worship to another level.  May the experiences of this summer serve as a constant reminder of God’s majesty and His presence.  As each of us moves into summer mode let’s not forget our worship is not confined to a specific place.  Worship is ongoing.

So, enjoy your summer.  I look forward to seeing each of you as we gather for times of fellowship, study, service, and worship.  Have a great summer.


3 thoughts on “The Lazy Days of Summer

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