There is something about having a fresh start.  It creates an air of excitement, gets the adrenaline pumping, a new outlook arises all as a result of starting fresh.  Becky teaches third grade and a new school year is always exciting for her.  She likes all the “new” that comes with a brand new school year.  Seeing all the new school supplies in the stores gets her adrenaline pumping.  She has been known to say that she likes the smell of a new box of crayons.  My guess is it gets her excited about starting out with something that is fresh.  It’s new!

For quite some time, a large group of our church family have been working hard in preparation for our dinner theater which takes place this weekend.  Brand new props and decorations, script that has never been done (at least here) – there are anxieties and excitement all around the place.  It’s new!  It is going to be GREAT!

Most Wednesday evenings I lead a Bible Study for a small group of Christ followers.  Tonight, we start a “fresh new” study as we journey thru the gospel of Mark.  I look forward to our journey, which I’m certain will bring new discoveries, as well as, fresh insight from members of the group.

Whether it is a new box of crayons, new script, a new study, a new school year, when you are walking in Christ, in some way every day is starting fresh.  Which makes every day – no matter what takes place – exciting and oftentimes feel brand new.  I love it!


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