The Great Divide

As the election of 2012 comes to a close we are reminded once again of the great divide found within this country.  We have always had our share of problems, but our history shows us that there was a time when people in spite of their differences came together to make this country strong. Rolling up their sleeves, setting their differences aside doing whatever was need in order that our country was able to move forward.

This is no longer true.  Now there are angry, hurtful words expressed.  Acts of hatred and violence towards fellow citizens are commonplace.  Everyone seems to have their agenda and that’s all that is important.  If you don’t like my agenda or agree with my beliefs, then you are ignorant and get out of my life.

This concerns and saddens me.  Why?  We need each other.  The challenges and problems that our country faces will not be overcome as long as the division remains. The division is growing deeper and wider. Does anyone really care?  Citizens, Christ followers, church will anyone step forward?

I believe Christ followers, the body of Chris must lead the way.  I know that there are Christ followers on both sides. We are to be people of reconciliation, proponents of peace and love.  We don’t have to agree on everything.  But we can agree on this – we need each other.  The God that created me is the same God that created my brother or sister who may have voted differently than I did.

One of the first things that you can and should be doing is praying for each other, for our leaders, and for the role that you are to play in destroying the division.

I Timothy 2:1



Election Day

Today is the day that millions of people will cast their vote for the individual that they want to lead our country.  Today is the day that people of all ages, of all walks of life, with varying beliefs and perspectives will come together for one purpose – to elect the one who will lead our country for the next four years.  Today is the day that people will arise a few minutes earlier to go stand in long lines, to involve themselves in something that will only require a few minutes out of their day.  Yet, this one act will have a lasting impact on our future.

Today is Election Day!

Today every registered voter has a great privilege and opportunity to make a difference.  We have the privilege of having a say in who our elected officials are.  We have an opportunity before us to join with millions of others in making a difference.  Though I am only one among millions, my  vote is important.  It provides me with a voice.  So, I along with countless others go to the polls to speak, to have our say.

Today is Election Day!

As the hours go by the excitement will continue to build.  The anticipation will grow with every passing moment.  The polls will close and nervous energy will fill the air.  Media outlets will give their reports, exit polls will be given and discussed over and over again.  Early figures creating greater excitement for some, while concern for others.  At the end of this day some will celebrate and others will be saddened.  Some will go to bed before the final votes are counted, wondering how it will all end up.  Who will our President be?  Will Congress be evenly divided?

Today is Election Day!

I have been going to the polls for many years.  There have been times that my candidates won and times when they have not.  One interesting thing – no matter who won those elections a new day  always followed.  I know that we are not guaranteed tomorrow, but if God chooses to bless us with tomorrow I know that I will do as God has instructed in His Word.  Pray.   I will arise tomorrow praying for those who lead me and the millions of others who live in this blessed country.  Whether my candidate wins or loses I will pray and I would encourage all of my brothers and sisters in Christ to do the same.

Today is Election Day.  Tomorrow is a new day.