We keep hearing about the impending “fiscal cliff” that our country is about to experience. The leaders of our government bickering back and forth, each placing blame on the other side, so-called compromises or solutions offered up and then rejected.
These are challenging times for our country. Everywhere you turn there are signs of despair and disappointment. Individuals, families, and even communities struggling to get by, wondering how they will survive. As Christmas day draws closer the possibility of a merry Christmas seems rather bleak for many.
I have no solution to offer as far as our economic situation. I am not going to enter into the blame game. We can place our hope and trust in the leaders of our country, hoping that they will come up with some kind of answers. I’m afraid the past reminds us how well that has worked (since my sarcasm).
What I do know is this – God is still on His throne. As we place our hope and trust in Him we will never be disappointed.
As one who has placed their hope and trust in God I have a responsibility to share with others of One who will be there for us no matter the situation we find ourselves in. If you are a Christ follower I would encourage you to join with me in sharing of the One who has the answers, the One who will never leave us, the One who provides a solid foundation, the One who offers hope even in dismal times.
                                                         On Christ the solid Rock I stand,
                                                         All other ground is sinking sand;
                                                         All other ground is sinking sand


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