Extending an invitation to a worship service can create nervous anxieties within some people. Some may experience sweaty palms, an accelerated heart beat, insecurity, the belief that “I can’t do it.”   I recently read a blog written by Perry Noble that offered two things in regards to bringing someone with you to a service that I believe are helpful.  It might help eleviate the anxieties.  Here is what he had to share –

#1 – If you have someone on your mind, a person that you cannot stop thinking about ANYTIME someone mentions inviting someone to church – then that is God speaking to your heart!  (The devil is NOT leading you to share Christ with them and/or invite them to church!)  If God is calling you to it then He WILL LEAD YOU THROUGH IT!

Which leads to…

#2 – DO NOT SAY “NO” FOR THEM!  All too often when I really did feel the Lord pressing into me to invite someone to church, whether it was a server in a restaurant or someone I have had a relationship with, I say “no” for them in my mind.  Seriously, I battle thoughts like…

*”They would not be interested in coming to church.”

*”They will think I’m crazy if I talk to them about this.”

*”Maybe I will just pray that someone else will invite them.”

However, what I’ve discovered is that SOOOOOOOO many people are just one more invite away from attending a service.

We all know that FOUND PEOPLE FIND PEOPLE!  With that in mind… let’s not say “no” for people when God is saying “yes” in regards to us inviting them to a service!!!

This Easter the message of the Gospel will be presented.  My prayer is that those in attendance will hear the message and lives will be changed.  Let’s all do our part in inviting  those that God brings into our lives to join us.

I will be praying for you, please pray for me.




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