These thoughts come from the blog of Dan Cathy.  Mr. Cathy is a part of the Cathy family, owners of Chick-fil-A.

A Place Of Restoration

“The origin of the word “restaurant” is French and it means “place of restoration.” I love that. It means those of us in the quick-service industry have an incredible standard to live up to. When customers walk through our doors, we have the great privilege of providing for them in such a way that their minds are restored with prompt, consistent service, their bodies are restored with quality nourishment, and their spirits are restored with compassion, respect and attentiveness. 

What a great honor! But I say let’s not just strive for our restaurants to be places of restoration. Let’s also make our homes a place where others can be served, nourished, and shown great attention. In the South, we call this “down home hospitality.” And everyone who walks through our doors deserves it.
This week, let’s be people who help others feel restored.”

Though most of us don’t own a restaurant his message still pertains to all of us.  Everyday we have people entering our lives, whether at home, in the marketplace, at school, on the team, or in our neighborhood, people God has placed in our lives.  These are people that we can serve, encourage, offer a kind word or even a listening ear.  Mr. Cathy’s words challenge us to serve ALL people.  As Easter draws near I am reminded once again of Christ’s service and sacrifice for all.  Jesus set the example for us.  What an honor it is to serve my wife, serve my family, serve my co-workers, serve the body of Christ, serve those who serve me.   What a privilege to follow the example that Christ set for us!

Who might you serve, encourage, or give your undivided attention to?  Who is need of restoration in your world?


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