Inside Out & Upside Down On Main Street

It is day two of our Vacation Bible School. There is a lot happening all around the building, children everywhere, music playing, crafts being made, games, snacks, lots & lots of laughter. The children are learning truths from God’s Word related to gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, grace, & faithfulness.
The VBS staff, made up of students and adults, are providing a fantastic ministry to all of the children.
“Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.” Psalm 25:4,5


Hearing & Responding

The Spirit of God is at work within our church. As He speaks to the hearts of children, students, and adults, they are responding to His call. The end of our second service was evidence of this fact. At the end of our worship services we always provide people with the opportunity to respond privately or publicly to what the Spirit is doing in their life. This Sunday was no different. I invited people to respond and that is exactly what many people did. People were coming to the altar to pray, three young boys came forward sharing their desire to follow Christ in baptism, a young adult couple voiced their desire to become members of our church. The Spirit of God was moving and people were responding out of obedience.
As the Spirit moves let’s not get in His way. May each of us listen and respond. I don’t want to miss anything that the Spirit of God has in store for First Southern.

Uncle Phil’s Diner

What a great weekend we experienced at FSBC. Our drama ministry team did a fabulous job in their presentation of “Uncle Phil’s Diner.” They took us back to the 50’s with the music and entertainment. Becky and I attended both presentations and had a lot of fun each evening. Our church is truly blessed with some amazing talent. It excites me to watch this group of entertainers share their talents Friday and Saturday, then Sunday serve as a part of our worship team. That is how the body of Christ is to function. Sharing our gifts and talents in ways that strengthen the body.
When the final song was sung and the applause ended, clean-up efforts took off. As people were tearing down the set, sweeping carpets, emptying trash cans, moving chairs, and preparing the sanctuary for Sunday services, I felt so proud to be a part of this church family. There were children, teens, and adults working together. Once again the body of Christ at work.
I applaud everyone that made “Uncle Phil’s Diner” a huge success.

The Holy Spirit

Sunday’s message will focus on the Holy Spirit and His place within the Trinity, as well as, within our lives. There is so much found within scripture about the Holy Spirit. Numerous books and articles have been written related to the Spirit of God. I’m sure there have been many sermons and Bible Studies presented on this subject. In spite of all that is available to us, there is still a great mystery that surrounds the Spirit.
As I have been reading, studying, and writing my mind has experienced overload. To understand and process everything can be overwhelming. There is much that we will not know or understand about the Spirit of God. For this reason alone I trust God. I’m trusting Him to guide me on this journey that He and I are on. He will reveal to me what I need to know along the way. By the way, a guide is one of the roles that the Holy Spirit will play in a Christ followers life.
If you are in Lawrence on Sunday, I hope you will join us as take a look at the Holy Spirit.
But I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. John 16:7

What Kind Of Impact Will I Make?

There have been many individuals who have been a part of the First Southern family and due to job relocations, graduating from college, or other reasons they’ve moved from Lawrence. These individuals have made a huge impact on our church in many different ways. Through their leadership, service, giving spirit, and strong commitment to God and His Church we have been blessed. When the time comes for them to leave the initial question is, “Who is going to take their place?” They will be missed, but as we all know God will send someone to take their place. Someone with the gifts and talents that are needed. We have seen this scenario play out time after time. God has always been faithful. He has always provided.
This past Sunday we said good-bye to one of those individuals who made a huge impact in the brief time that she was with us. When she told me that she would be moving I jokingly said, “I am mad at you.” I hated to see her go, yet I knew she was doing what she believed God was leading her to do. I am not mad at her, instead I am happy for her. God is going to use her to impact another part of His HUGE family.
You know, I don’t even wonder who will take Becky’s place. God will provide. I am grateful for Becky’s example, her leadership, and faithfulness to follow God. I do wonder who God is going to lead to make cookies for this church family to enjoy every Sunday morning! Until that person steps up, Becky if you don’t mind, send a batch by UPS or FedEx every week I will make sure everyone gets one!
Thank you Becky G., thanks to each of you who make up the First Southern family. God has and continues to use each of you to make an impact.
As we think of those people who have made an impact on our lives, think for a moment about your own life. What kind of impact are you making on the lives of others?

Serving Our Seniors

Today the men of the church staff are serving the meal at the Senior Adult Luncheon. This has become an annual occurrence for us. Something that we look forward to doing each year. I think the Seniors enjoy this experience as well. We don’t venture out and try any new delicacies, soups and salads are always on the menu.
I appreciate our Senior Adults. These men and women add so much to the life of First Southern, not to mention the investments that they have made over the years.
They are a fun group to be around. I have learned so much from
these wise men and women. Their wisdom and insight is extremely valuable.
I hope as I enter my senior years (still a ways off!) I will have the energy that so many of them have and enjoy life as they do.