These thoughts come from the blog of Dan Cathy.  Mr. Cathy is a part of the Cathy family, owners of Chick-fil-A.

A Place Of Restoration

“The origin of the word “restaurant” is French and it means “place of restoration.” I love that. It means those of us in the quick-service industry have an incredible standard to live up to. When customers walk through our doors, we have the great privilege of providing for them in such a way that their minds are restored with prompt, consistent service, their bodies are restored with quality nourishment, and their spirits are restored with compassion, respect and attentiveness. 

What a great honor! But I say let’s not just strive for our restaurants to be places of restoration. Let’s also make our homes a place where others can be served, nourished, and shown great attention. In the South, we call this “down home hospitality.” And everyone who walks through our doors deserves it.
This week, let’s be people who help others feel restored.”

Though most of us don’t own a restaurant his message still pertains to all of us.  Everyday we have people entering our lives, whether at home, in the marketplace, at school, on the team, or in our neighborhood, people God has placed in our lives.  These are people that we can serve, encourage, offer a kind word or even a listening ear.  Mr. Cathy’s words challenge us to serve ALL people.  As Easter draws near I am reminded once again of Christ’s service and sacrifice for all.  Jesus set the example for us.  What an honor it is to serve my wife, serve my family, serve my co-workers, serve the body of Christ, serve those who serve me.   What a privilege to follow the example that Christ set for us!

Who might you serve, encourage, or give your undivided attention to?  Who is need of restoration in your world?

Never Gets Old

This past Sunday one of our senior ladies was looking for me following her Bible Study class.  As Hazel walked towards me with the assistance of her walker I knew she had a prayer concern to share or a story of her family.  We’ve shared moments like these before.  But this time it was different, she had something exciting to share with me, something that had occurred before she arrived at church.

Hazel had the opportunity to share Jesus with someone.  As she shared her faith with this woman seeds were planted.  She shared scripture with a person who had no faith, in a loving manner.   The belief system of Hazel’s new friend was really non-existent.  That did not matter to Hazel.  It was evident to me that Hazel’s only concern was that her friend hear the gospel and know how salvation could be experienced.

Wow!  What an example Hazel is.  A ninety-five year old believer still living out her faith before others.  Obeying her Lord’s command to go and share.  The message never gets old.  A message that EVERY believer – no matter our age – needs to share with whomever God brings into our life.

Thanks Hazel ….  Thank You God for Hazel and her example.

“you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth” Acts 1:8 

Times of Prayer

I am learning more and more of the importance of prayer and value that one gains through this experience.  As 2014 began I made a commitment to spend greater amounts of my life in moments of prayer.  Prayer had become more of a routine, an add-on, a filler, even at times the last resort.   I knew that prayer was so much more than any of that, not to mention the great benefits that a believer gains from spending time in conversation with our Creator.

Well I’m into my second month and my prayer times are different.  Whether as a part of my Quiet Times each day, praying with another believer, in two-hour dedicated prayer times, praying while I’m driving, or all the other times, it has all been great!  Today in one of my prayer times I wrote a few thoughts and shared them with my Father.

“God, my second month of an afternoon of prayer.  There is so much to pray about – family, friends, church, …..  I’ve been “practicing” prayer for a long time, but I’ve never devoted such long periods to prayer.  They’ve always been short and to the point.  Now that I’m into my second month I’ve learned a few things about myself.

1. If you keep your eyes closed the whole time you are setting yourself up to be sleepy (especially if it is in the middle of the afternoon)!

2. I need to work from a list; helps me stay focused.

3. My prayer list is in a constant state of flux.  It’s growing.

4. I believer prayer is more critical than ever before.

5. I look forward to “marking off” things I’ve been praying for as God answers.

Earlier today I spent time praying with and praying for Alden and Andy.  It was one of the most rewarding times I’ve spent praying with these men.

God thank You for these times of prayer.  May my time with You in these environments continue to grow.    Joe”

“that you may love The Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to Him”  Deut. 30:20

Grandpa Time

My daughter returned to her job from twelve weeks of maternity leave on Friday.  I was the fortunate one that was asked to spend the day with my grandson.  Grandma was jealous!  As you can tell by the picture Charlie seem to enjoy his time with Grandpa (I guess that’s what I’m called!).  What a handsome little boy our family has blessed with.  If you can’t tell I’m proud of this little guy.Image

Charlie Alan Discher


Becky and I have prayed about, talked about, and looked forward to the arrival of grandchildren.  Well, the day arrived – July 3rd, at 5:29 am, Charlie came into this world.  

I remember the day my daughter Katie (Charlie’s mom) came into this world.  She was a blessing that God shared with us.  Now years later, God shared another blessing, our first of what grandma and me hope are many more grandchildren!

Proverbs 15:13 – A cheerful heart brings a smile to your face.


Extending an invitation to a worship service can create nervous anxieties within some people. Some may experience sweaty palms, an accelerated heart beat, insecurity, the belief that “I can’t do it.”   I recently read a blog written by Perry Noble that offered two things in regards to bringing someone with you to a service that I believe are helpful.  It might help eleviate the anxieties.  Here is what he had to share –

#1 – If you have someone on your mind, a person that you cannot stop thinking about ANYTIME someone mentions inviting someone to church – then that is God speaking to your heart!  (The devil is NOT leading you to share Christ with them and/or invite them to church!)  If God is calling you to it then He WILL LEAD YOU THROUGH IT!

Which leads to…

#2 – DO NOT SAY “NO” FOR THEM!  All too often when I really did feel the Lord pressing into me to invite someone to church, whether it was a server in a restaurant or someone I have had a relationship with, I say “no” for them in my mind.  Seriously, I battle thoughts like…

*”They would not be interested in coming to church.”

*”They will think I’m crazy if I talk to them about this.”

*”Maybe I will just pray that someone else will invite them.”

However, what I’ve discovered is that SOOOOOOOO many people are just one more invite away from attending a service.

We all know that FOUND PEOPLE FIND PEOPLE!  With that in mind… let’s not say “no” for people when God is saying “yes” in regards to us inviting them to a service!!!

This Easter the message of the Gospel will be presented.  My prayer is that those in attendance will hear the message and lives will be changed.  Let’s all do our part in inviting  those that God brings into our lives to join us.

I will be praying for you, please pray for me.



A Brand New Year!

2013 is here!  I am excited for a brand new year to begin.  A new year is like a clean slate or a fresh blanket of snow – clean & unused.  As our 2013 begins to roll out before us what will each day bring?  Will we make the most of each new day, every passing moment? What will the new year bring?  New opportunities, new relationships, growth, goals reached what’s ahead? 

This Sunday I look forward to the services as I reveal our theme for 2013.  I believe our theme is one that encourages all of us to experience a year of making the most of every opportunity, of living the life that God has for us, experiencing the abundant life that He has promised.  

I hope you will make plans to be in one of our services.

Happy New Year!